Quality, Environment, Health And Safety (QEHS)

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) is a Critical Success Factor in the QSR industry and Tantalizers Plc is committed to integrating QEHS excellence in all its business activities, products and services. Tantalizers through a commitment to continual improvement in QEHS programs, strives to:
  • Be a customer focused organization where our customers value their relationship with us
  • Be an environmentally responsible provider of high quality and safe products and services
  • Be a good environmental steward, preserving and protecting our natural resources and practicing pollution prevention
  • Be a responsible neighbour and employer, committed to providing healthy and safe work environment which is capable of preventing ill health and injury by appropriate management of Occupational Health and Safety risks
Tantalizers Plc recognizes that QEHS are paramount to our customers, ourselves and the society we operate in, therefore we are committed to achieving high standards in QEHS practices in accordance with the following principles.